This advice is based on the experience of many people who have dealt with the Paxil withdrawal issue, their relatives, and doctors. It is intended for helping patients reduce symptoms and adjust dosage properly.


  • Stay in touch with your physician for as long as you are going to take Paxil. Should you feel bad or notice any changes in your condition, reduce the dose or cut down on the medicine and consult him/her.
  • It is advisable to take Paxil when you are not too busy. Take a leave and get your children to do their own little businesses and to let you focus on your health.
  • Warn all your loved ones and friends about the possible consequences, which withdrawal may give you.
  • Make sure there are no stress factors, because they can make symptoms worse. If you feel bad, try to recall some good thing and thus fuel your mood. Reading books, watching films, going for physical work, exercise, recreation, etc., will distract your attention from nasty sensations and help you get through the hard time.
  • Do not take any drugs or alcohol!
  • Even if you feel really bad, you always know that this will end one day. Think about the best!
  • You can run a diary and thus keep track of your condition. Stay in touch with your doctor.

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Paxil is a psychotropic prescription drug, which should be administered under close supervision. Unfortunately, not all doctors are conscientious enough to thoroughly research patients and ensure it will not harm them. As a result, patients who use Paxil eventually get into even more trouble, as they have to deal with serious withdrawal symptoms.

  • If used improperly, Paxil can inflict damage comparable to that of alcohol and other addictive drugs. This can be very painful and, in some cases, life-shattering. However, most people, who have bad experience with Paxil withdrawal, say there is hardly another way to get over it but cold turkey or fast-taper.
  • The withdrawal process causes a lot of nasty sensations and may change a person's attitude toward life: many people report a feeling of hate toward everything and everyone around. This is what appears to be just the difficult pill to swallow.
  • Many former Paxil users advise to do it during the right season, because the choice of time appears to be important. Particularly, they recommend trying to come off Paxil when the outer environment makes you feel more comfortable - when the weather gets warm and stable enough.
  • It would be great to brace up a little prior to doing this, because physical fitness helps you to cope with all sorts of stress. Please, make sure you have the energy to run, walk, ride a bike, etc.
  • No matter at what stage of withdrawal you are right now, you must avoid stress. Do not get involved in activities that require too much effort from you or at which you are not good enough. Avoid dealing with people who irritate you or do not agree with you on some matters. People, who are going through withdrawal, are extremely sensitive, and even a minor stress can drive you nuts. Things that you normally brush aside may sting badly. Some patients, who shared their withdrawal experiences, said that even though they managed to stay calm, they had to take it out later by messing their homes.
  • When trying to lose a bad habit like using Paxil, you should avoid taking other drugs and alcohol. Paxil is one of substances that give you a strong euphoria, so some Paxil users are more likely to get hooked on other nasty things.
  • Try to distract your attention from the pain and suffering and focus on good things. This can be extremely hard, because for many addicts there is no pleasure on earth but the next dose. Nevertheless, getting your mind off from it can be very good. Also, you must be ready to deal with depression, because the realization of what you have done to your life can be stunning. It is the right time to think over your future life and making it better than it is now and used to be. It can take quite a bit of effort to regain optimism and learn to hope again. This can be hard, because now you can do nothing but groan and crinkle, but it is really worth the candle. You are the only one who can do it!
  • Everyone who is trying to come off Paxil gets severe headache. There is a good remedy for it - physical exercise. Hard work will help you pump blood through your vessels, clean them from unhealthy stuff, and it will regain its functioning. You do not have to go for intense exercise and just use a stationary bike instead, but do it on a regular basis. There are no reasons to doubt that a couple of days of pain will promptly pay off and change your life for the better. If you really need to, use antidepressants (SSRIs are more advisable), but only if your doctor says yes!
    Do not panic if you have side effects, particularly visional, auditory, and other types of hallucinations. This is something you can hardly avoid during withdrawal.
  • If side effects (nausea, headache, dizziness, etc.) get too distressing, you can try something that can take your mind off from pain. Do something to distract your thoughts from bad things. Consult your health care provider.
  • Lack of coordination, dizziness, and wobbly movements are the most common symptoms, which occur during Paxil withdrawal. Many of those who have this sad experience say that physical activity (running) is helpful in dealing with these symptoms. Some say that after running a couple of miles withdrawal symptoms disappear.
  • It is highly advisable to stick to a healthy diet to remove toxins from the body as soon as possible. Eating vegetarian and raw food and drinking liquids can help you get rid of pain much sooner. Positive mood is another great remedy: many users say that watching funny videos and movies works great. Some drugs and supplements like Dramamine and Omega 3 Fatty Acid can help reduce dizziness and "head zaps".
  • There was a user who got off Paxil after 2 years of Paxil treatment of panic attacks. Needless to say that withdrawal was hell for her. He changed several doctors until he found a really good one, who advised him to gradually reduce the dose and overcome the addiction over less than 10 days. The treatment involved Prozac. Here is how it worked: for the first 3 days, he took 30 mg of Paxil each day and 10 mg of Prozac. On the fourth day the ratio was 20 mg / 20 mg. On the fifth day - 10 mg / 20 mg. For the next three days, there was no Paxil and 20 mg of Prozac only. Finally, Prozac was over with too.