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Where does the website get all this information?

The information is gathered on the Internet by research anc collection of news and personal experience.

How soon withdrawal symptoms disappear?

Three to six weeks on average. If you have just quit, it is advisable to square shoulders for the first two weeks, which are usually the toughest. For some people it takes longer to overcome the addiction.

Is withdrawal as tough for everyone as described here?

Not really. Statistically, only 4-8% of users have severe withdrawal symptoms. However, some sources say that more than 20% of people suffer. In fact, most people have no signs at all or mild cold-like symptoms.

How dangerous is Paxil withdrawal?

It depends on how strong you are. In some people withdrawal causes severe pain, which not everyone can endure. These people may get dangerously depressed and show suicidal and aggressive behavior. This is the biggest and the only danger of Paxil withdrawal.

Right now I’m dealing with Paxil withdrawal. What should I do?

Please, see the Advice page. Because people are all different, there is no telling how it is going to work for a particular person.

Does the site provide information about law suits?

Only the news from found on the Internet. Please, browse for more information online.

Will I lose weight, which I gained, when I was on Paxil?

Yes, many users report an increase in body weight due to Paxil addiction. Some used-to-be Paxil addicts say the weight slowly goes away in the aftermath.

Can a brief use of Paxil cause addiction?

Some users did report addiction after but a couple of days on Paxil. But that was just on a couple of occasions.

Do Paxil users go for alcohol and drugs?

Not unlikely, some do. Some anecdotal data suggests that users may go for it in an effort to still the pain. There is also scientific evidence that there is such a correlation.

Can withdrawal give me seizures?

Yes, it can. Lately, a few seizure reports have arrived from users who are getting off Paxil.