This website is the property of and run by We do our uttermost to ensure strict abidance by our privacy policy for our clients benefit.

Our privacy policy is to provide is to provide a due level of anonymity and privacy, because a great share of information that we deal with is personal. This section describes what kind of information it is and how we handle it.

What We Do to Get Information

We handle two types of information:

Whatever information we operate, it is provided by users voluntarily and optionally. Every user is free to accept or reject news from us, join discussions, forums, surveys, polls, share information via message boards, refer to a friend or acquaintance.

Also, we obtain information by gathering it from our sites and analyzing page viewing statistics. Thus we track our users’ preferences, categorize them according to age, social status, etc., and adjust our content in such a way as to meet their needs. profits on advertising and sponsorship and strives to provide services for free. We guarantee security of all information and under no circumstance do we breach our privacy policy.

Children’s rights

As required by the current US legislation, never require personal information from persons younger than 13 years old without their parents’ consent.

Usage trackingWe gather general information throughout our websites, but we do not operate individual information that way. We do use some data, such as domain names, MIME and browser types, but this is for statistical purposes only. does analyze and group users' search data, but never track individuals. Our goal is confined to determining what our users are more interested in, as traffic indicates, and how well pages work.

How We Use Information

Users' information, which they provide us voluntarily, is managed by in such a way as to give them a good experience. We achieve that by introducing various personalized and interactive elements and make our service more attractive.

Traffic helps us determine, what users like and what do not like about our sites. Tracking search terms gives us a more detailed picture of their preferences.Based on derived information, outlines reports on how many, what categories of users, and what they do. This helps us create a kind of map for partners, advertisers and sponsors. Eventually, we have effective advertising and users seeing advertisements that complement their needs. Sponsors/advertisers cannot identify users clicking their ads, because we do not divulge personal information except when required by legislation.

Security uses clear, concise and flexible privacy and security policies. We do our best and use most advanced tools to prevent unauthorized access to our users' information.


Using this website constitutes your consent to our current policy and ways of using your information. Should our policy change, we will notify you by posting information about changes on the respective page.